Ways To Properly Maintain Your Big Rig's Tires

Posted on: 5 October 2015

If you drive a big rig, the tires are important to keep in good condition. This doesn't have to be that difficult if you take these steps.

Have Tires Rotated

Having tires that are in good condition is paramount when driving a big rig. In order to keep your tires in good condition for a long time, you can have them rotated. This is beneficial because it allows your tires to wear down more evenly.

When you take your big rig into a repair shop, each tire will be taken off and then placed on a new position. This prevents a specific area of your tires from wearing down more than the other areas. Additionally, having your tires rotated allows you to maintain good gas mileage.

Check the PSI

When your tires get too low in terms of air pressure, your big rig isn't going to handle the same. This leaves you susceptible to an accident on the road unless you make sure your tires are at the right PSI levels. Consult with your truck's manual to find out where the PSI readings need to be.

Then, get a tire pressure gauge and measure each tire's readings. If your tires are too low, you can use an air compressor to put more air in. These are readily available at gas stations. Make sure you inspect each tire's PSI often to ensure you are not putting yourself in danger on the road.

Realign the Tires

After going over bumps or potholes in the road in your big rig, your tires may not be aligned properly anymore. This is a problem because it can affect the handling of your big rig, make your steering wheel vibrate and cause uneven tread wear. All of these things can be avoided if you have your tires professionally realigned.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, professionals at an auto repair shop will make adjustments to the angle of your tires so that they make proper contact with the road. There are three types of angles professionals will focus on. These include camber, toe and caster angles. It's important to leave this alignment job up to professionals because they have the right equipment and knowledge to complete it safely.

Keeping your big rig's tires in good condition is achievable thanks to these steps. They are not hard to complete, and will save you a lot of grief in terms of repairs or accidents in the future. For more information, talk to a company like F & H Tire Co.