Tips For Getting The Most From Your Car's Tires

Posted on: 24 September 2015

Your car's tires are vital parts of the vehicle, and when they experience problems, it can leave you stranded far from help. Yet, many drivers are very unaware of the steps that can be taken to help protect them from some routine forms of damage. While it is often possible to repair the tires, it may also be necessary to replace them, and this can be an inconvenient expense to suddenly have to pay. By being aware of the following two tips, you can help ensure that you are protected from these problems.

Invest In A Road Hazard Warranty

Many drivers are unaware that tire suppliers often offer their customers the opportunity to invest in a road hazard warranty. These warranties will protect you from paying to replace or repair the tire from punctures and warping of the tire. The exact hazards covered will vary from one provider to another, which means you need to carefully review these documents to know when its protection will apply to you. While these warranties can drastically reduce your tire repair costs, they will not usually provide for towing, which means it will be your responsibility to get the damaged tire to the retailer so it can be repaired or replaced. 

Prepare Your Tires For The Winter

The winter months will present your car with a variety of road hazards that can be particularly dangerous. Ice and snow can make it difficult to control your car, and the low temperatures can cause excessive wear on your tires. To minimize these problems, you should always switch to winter tires during the cold times of the year. These tires are designed to provide superior grip during ice conditions, and they are made of a unique blend of materials to help them better withstand the cold temperatures. 

Unfortunately, the deicing chemicals that are used on roads during the winter can be particularly harsh on tires. These substances can weaken the rubber in the tire, which will make it more likely to rupture. To minimize this threat, you should always wash off any deicing chemicals as soon as possible. 

Replacing the tires on your car is an expensive task that most people would rather avoid if at all possible. For those that are new to driving, understanding the benefits of buying the road hazard warranty as well as taking the steps needed to protect the tires during the winter will help you to be an informed driver which can yield lower maintenance cost for you. Contact a local tire installer, like Lee Tire, for further help.